Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Back

I find it absolutely impossible to blog while attending a Spiritual Formation Program and simultaneously home educating my daughters. Thus, these are two of my 101 reasons for being silent here. Please know that I have missed you all and have snuck by your blogs late at night because of it, but haven’t always had time to leave a message. Admittedly so, I did complete Year 1 a month ago, but I’ve had to play catch up in many areas. Also, confession is good for the soul, so I will tell you ahead of time, if I am able to attend Year 2 beginning in September I will once again go quiet in this place. I find myself using the phrase, 'Lord willing' lately!

While catching up with life, I’ve been made aware that I need to limit my time on the internet to balance life and take care of my eyes, for which the screen glare is the worst for dry eye. So, I’ve pruned. I’ve pruned and set time limits and made my computer area a separate little private space in my home, rather than by my favorite chair for less easy access. Presented here for my benefit probably more than yours, are the places I am mostly at and why. Here goes:

My e-mail box- Messages are ‘red flagged’ and deep. I am having trouble keeping up with them all, but love to hear from family and friends, please know I will get to yours in time

The Well-Trained Mind- These ladies know their stuff when it comes to home education. Great place to sell and buy used curriculum and books

Living Whole With Chronic Pain- For when I need a great display of love, unity and courage. They are my family on the net and they make Jesus their center, not their pain.

Face Book-The quickest skim ever once or twice per week, when I am nostalgic for 1981

QuakerQuaker-aka convergent Friends with good reads that enrich my days

Quaker Faith&Fellowship- Mostly quick glances, because it is hard to leave what you helped create and those you love. Because shutting doors on those who have gone out of this life before me I am learning, takes time

That’s about it. I’m aware of my need to re-prioritize life day to day as well as my aim to keep Christ first. It really comes down to obedience, for me. ‘Obedience’ may not be a popular word today and especially amongst Friends, but it is important and not so bad. I am finding life beyond my computer precious and I need to keep in mind it comes first and it is fleeting. The words of Richard Foster to ring true to me right now. Foster said, “Obedience is really not as burdensome as it seems at first blush. We are doing nothing more than falling head over heels in love with the everlasting Lover of our souls. We are responding in the only way we can to the invading, urging, inviting, persuading call of Eternal Love.”