Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Old Friends

There are those who touch our lives and we are never quite the same. I’m busy thanking many people in my life now and those in the past that have helped make me what I am today. It’s a concern on my heart this month as so many have cared, given and prayed for me in my illness also. If you are one of those people, I thank you too. This is just a quick piece I jotted down for fun knowing that this person will not give me a grade as in English class so long ago.

Old Friends

Remembering you is to be carefree
and safe and
young again.
To just drive
and listen to music to see where
the road leads us.

It’s that long ago, far away friendship
that has never quite gone out
though the years are mostly
silent, but how do you do,
are you alright?
how are the kids, and oh!
what great weather.

Deep inside is a collage of memories,
quiet moments
Friday the thirteenth
and thirteen sets of deer eyes in the
headlights, endless conversations
late into the night.

Holding hands and helping
two young sisters by
listening and caring,
resembling the family
I think you know I needed.
You gave more than I
had to offer; I’ve not forgotten that.

There is a knowledge,
in this peaceful recollection
that the friendship
is still out there and
I am better for it.
May I say thank you again
after all these years?
Jan Lyn


Anonymous said...

Billy Joel, Michelob and rainy nights by the bridge with a friend, those were the days. You can’t say any more!!!

Heather said...

It's good to have those friends who you can pick up with after years apart, as though you've never been away!

As my mum says: 'God gave us our family - thank God we can choose our friends' :)

Jan Lyn said...

You are so right Heather and love mum's quote!

As to you anonymous, I can say more as I always did! Just glad I don't have to get grades anymore! Hmm...we could start with brandy, squad dinners and my "reserved sign", the subaru (blue light of course), and how on earth would I have made my way around RV College those first few weeks without you?!? I can also say I'm believing with you for a happy future to come. Be safe friend.