Sunday, May 24, 2009

Party Time

I attended my first party in over three years this weekend other than extended family parties. I'm telling the truth, it's been that long, and I was frankly a bit overwhelmed with the thought of it. I've decided taking myself out, is akin to preparing to take a newborn out for the day. I'm never quite certain I'll be up for the task and how long I can deal with pain outside of my home without normal routines.

First of all, I've long given up the delicate purses and traded them in for a bunch of pretty tote bags. Even using them, I'm hard pressed for space. I need at least 3 water bottles, major amounts of medication, 6 types of eye drops, mouth moisturizer, candy, and food and snacks for every two hours I am out of the house as I cannot eat what most "normals" do. There's no quick dash through the nearest fast food drive-through that can serve me! I should be used to this from going to the doctor's offices so frequently and I really am getting in the habit of having my bag stocked and ready to grab at the last minute. However, instead of at the last minute grabbing a baby, I've got to make certain I've grabbed my moisture chamber glasses. This is no problem for a medical appointment or even out to the shops, but to a party I felt a bit shy. Well, perhaps a bit more than shy, I think I was feeling probably a little more apprehensive than that and on the verge of a panic attack beginning to register a 10 on a scale of 1-10.

When I first understood that I'd need to wear these glasses for dry eye due to Sjogren's Syndrome, I was told it would be just for an hour or two a day to help increase moisture. I'm one to roll with things, and decided to go ahead and purchase an inexpensive pair in pink. (Not shy at the time!) No big deal. That was last August and now I've faced the truth that I will always need them outdoors and can only take short breaks of maybe an hour or two off indoors. So, for the next pair I bought an expensive pair of glasses in tortoise that are photochromic and have an orbital seal. I don't think a thing of wearing them within my own home, as they help me profusely. One quirk indoors is, for some odd reason, I am unable to deal with wearing them while taking a phone call. I have no idea why....

Enter a party and all eyes turn for greetings and introductions. Outdoors, these glasses are not that noticeable, but indoors believe me people really stare! Mind you, last August I was extremely happy to replace my ordinary distance glasses with the most dainty little pair I've ever had before this heavy duty construction zone job! Well, those prescription glasses rarely get taken out of their pretty little case. I need to do what is best for me. What I wasn't prepared for, is I seem to be able to attract a whole different population of people, and these people are quite impressed! Truth be told, Sjogies have very little options other than culinary onion glasses or motorcycle glasses to act as moisture chambers. Someone definitely needs to market to our needs and could make a great deal of money, but as it is now it takes some ordering online or a jog down to the nearest Harley-Davidson Shop for a pair of Panoptx or Wileys and they are very tricky to fit properly. I've got Panoptx Solanos and evidently, they are COOL glasses to a very minute population of party goers. Who would have guessed?

I've decided I'm up for it. I might not be healthy enough to attend a lot of parties or to stay out until the wee hours of the dawn anymore, but I'm going to keep adapting and not let it get to me as much. I'm ready for the next party.


Heather said...

Keep it up!!

Thank you for the messages, from you and from Dave - they mean so much.

Jan Lyn said...

Hey Heather...
Thanks to you. Guess I will as I just purchased 2 more pairs for variations. A girl has to do what a girl must do! LOL.......

Continuing to think on you.