Friday, August 21, 2009

"Looks Like God Built Ya a Pond Momma"

One year ago I had a simple wish of making a very small landscaping pond on our property. I actually wanted to do this as a home school project a few years back and was not able to. Life gets busy. We never built that pond, but to the back of our acre we’ve got endless untamed land and to the side stretches out more miles that has a wet, marshy area.

I’m in the habit of walking the perimeter of our property daily and choose that so that I can hear the birds in the thicket. It’s not unusual to see various critters along the way, tree frogs being one of them, but recently it seems to the side of our yard I was hearing a chorus of frogs with their deep thrill answering one another. I casually mentioned this to one of our kids and they said, “Oh, that’s the pond God built ya, Momma.”

The first thing that came to my mind was that the marshy area was increasingly saturated from recent rains, and was probably a stagnant mess filled with mosquitoes. Walking off the property along the back trail, sure enough for a variety of reasons, the area became damned on one side and formed a pond-like area and most of the wet land area seems to have disappeared. Still skeptical, I looked closer and certainly this little body of water was stirring with life–full of frogs, skater bugs and little minnow fish and grasses growing up in areas surrounding it as if to define it a bit. I caught myself continuing on with one of those ceaseless prayer whispers telling the Lord it was a whole lot bigger than I originally had in mind and chuckling to myself.....

It could be just one of those things that was bound to happen. But the natural progression of the wetland area or not, my child and I experienced it as a God thing, a little surprise, a delightful show of grace along the way.


Ganeida said...

Definitely a God thing1 :D I love when God does little surprises like that. How wonderful. Do injoy it for both of us!

Heather said...


Enjoy your pond, sweetie :D

Renee said...

Oh, this is so beautiful. God works in mysterious ways...and His own timing. He loves us so much He fulfills the desires of our hearts....This gives me hope today, on a day and a whole week of fear and worry wanting to steal my peace of mind.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of God's goodness...enjoy your pond.

Jan Lyn said...

Thanks all. I just love God's little surprises and grace along the way. Trying to look for it daily is very fun.

Will pray that the week ahead will be a better one for you Renee!

Jan Lyn

Anonymous said...

Love it Kins and so much wildlife there! Julie