Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Joy Habits

For about two years now, I've been keeping a gratitude journal. My sister gave me this great leather journal and it's become a loved one, showing it's wear. I've not always been what I would call a positive thinker, but more a "realist". Though little by little when I began this new habit, it became motivating and a good way to chase away the darker days. I began to see my days a bit different, look for the gifts, and record love's little mysteries. I thought I'd share my joy habit here from time to time here--so here goes:
1. The way they hum when they bake; the girls often take my place
2.The jump that begs for a momma audience
3. Late summer lightening bug chase
4. The stranger at the hospital with the walker who was willing to chatter away my nervousness
5. Faithful horses that nicker hello every time I return home
6. Long brown braids
7. Late vibrant blooming marigolds
8. Butter dripping down sweet corn
9. Smouldering sunsets
10. Finding purpose again


Ganeida said...

It is important to cultivate a grateful heart. I try to remember to thank God constantly for all the blessings, even when I'm cross & grouchy or totally freaking out about something or other.

Renee said...

What a special gift from your sister..and writing what we are grateful for?? A gift to the keeper of the journal! Looking back gives us hope to keep moving forward :)

naturalmom said...

What a beautiful thing Jan. Thank you for sharing your joy.


Heather said...


And the more you look, the more joy you find :)

Jan Lyn said...

Well, I need to make it a more consistant habit. I some times am guilty of going in fits and starts, but it usually helps me see the joy in the present and faithfulness of God in the past.

I thank you all so much for reading, as I've fallen so far behind! Will look forward to catching up more after vacation with all of your blogs.

Jan Lyn oxo