Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Preserved Land!

The girls at Goat Hill Overlook. We are thrilled this nearby property has been recently preserved as open space. It is now part of Washington State Park. George Washington used this hill to make sure the boats on the PA side were hidden well enough so that the British could not see them.

Looking north over the Delaware River. New Hope, PA is on the left and Lambertville, NJ is on the right. Washington and his army crossed the river here at Coryell's Ferry (between New Hope and Lambertville) for the battle of Monmouth in June of 1778.

Washington Rock looking north. Legend has it that this is the rock George Washington used to inspect the PA side of the river to make sure the boats were well hidden. It is a fact that he did this from Goat Hill-a legend that it was from this rock. This was before the famous Christmas crossing for the battle of Trenton. The actual crossing was at McKonkey's Ferry (now Washington Crossing, PA to Titusville, NJ) a few miles to the south.

One washed out photo of husband forgetting about our life insurance and out-dated will and pretending to be George Washington. I made it back home with just minutes to spare for online Meeting for Worship....
I must add, much love to my British friends who may read this!
Really. oxo


Heather said...

Back at you, Jan Lyn!

What great news :)

Renee said...

What beauty surrounds you! Not only in nature...but your family too!
We are richly blessed, aren't we.

Gil S said...

No hard feelings Jan ! ;-)

Jan Lyn said...

Thanks and love to all.
Jan Lyn