Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Slipping Away

I’ve been watching them. Watching the girls grow what seems like inches this summer out my window as they meander along, care for their animals and swim. Son is now towering over me and I don’t know his schedule day to day and this has become the norm here.

It is a different experience to slip under that water with children 4 years older also. I have been able to swim this season with the purchase of a new salt water pool, without chemicals so it has been a pleasure once again to take the plunge with them. Then, all of us have been delighted to learn that our new puppy, just 8 months old, is an excellent swimmer as he skims the surface and beats me to the water balls.

The past 3 years, my son has vacationed independently. I am getting used to this. I did the same about his age I recall, as I watch him venture out of the lane, destination beach house. Other times to my in-law’s cabin in the Adirondacks, where love first made my own heart flip and memories for me come flooding back. It is amazing to me that he is now about that age I was then. Time does not stand still!

Next summer they will be even taller. I’m ever so aware that calendar will turn soon and so will the leaves.

I wonder, really, how many summers I will have left to cherish like this.......? Soon my youngest and I will share our fall birthday month, but I will be 47, while she will be just 11. I think to myself, twenty would be a miracle, ten maybe, and then possibly none? I swallow hard on that one, but how it makes me savor the day.

Lately, I have been visualizing a calming picture of walking hand in hand with God through each day. That is what it feels like when I am trusting him. Some days, I am strong, moving confidently side by side on the trail. Other days, I feel God’s hand gripping me tighter in my weakness, helping me up, guiding me and teaching me to stand firmer and trust him deeper as I make my way forward onto more arduous steps.

How blessed I am to look back down the path and see it strewn with God’s provision and faithfulness.

It will be time to pack away the pool in a few short weeks. I will be left to swim in box upon box of the girl’s warmer clothing to fill their dresser drawers for cooler days ahead. Their vacationing will come to a sudden stop as the cabin and shore house will close to the routines of autumn. I’d like to think I’ve learned more this season of the blessings of solitude, rather than viewing at times what in the past has felt a bit like loneliness. There is a enormous difference, I am learning.

I’m getting prepared. I do love autumn, and so I soon will be ready to catch the new season and gather leaves together- ready to make each moment count.

Oh give thanks to the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever. Ps. 136:1


Ganeida said...

Jan Lyn: my youngest, my Star, has been away for 2 days & oh, how I missed her! The house seemed so empty without a single child in it ~ & yet soon that will be the norm.

None of us knows how much time we have. All of us should savour each day & give thanks for it. My brother, 4 years younger, fit healthy, was barely 40 when he went home to the Lord.

Your family is lovely. ☺

Renee said...

Yes, we do need to savor each day don't we..walking hand in hand with God and with those we love and care about. Your salt water pool sounds so fun! I was wondering if you live in the country, is their farming around you? Do they spray fields near you and how do you cope with that? Living in the country sounds so good...but the worry of spraying here in Iowa is a constant.
Lovely post, Jan Lyn....

Jan Lyn said...

TY Ganeida and Renee. You both are such wise women of God to focus on savoring each day.

Renee: We live in the most rural township/county in NJ near the Pa border actually. There is farming, but mostly this is 'horse country'. Any farms nearby us, fortunately are for raising organic fed beef and free range chickens and such. Not so much planting as we live in very rocky sourland mountains, which is not good for so much planting. Our next door neighbor has a small garden, but does not spray. So, yes, I have thought along the same lines as you in my searching. We do have power lines nearby that they cut and clear fields under each year. Our family and neighbors have requested no chemicals be used in our areas and have won that battle, which has to be reminded each year. 40 untouched acres or so directly behind development or spraying, thank goodness with that too.

God bless you and yours both.
Jan Lyn

Renee said...

Wow, that is wonderful Jan Lyn...a blessing for you and your family in many ways....
I think I will start praying for a similiar situation for retirement if that is what God has planned....
Thank you for sharing so much info with me..:) Iowa has a few organic farms but they are scattered around and of course mountains are pretty scarce here...Ha!

Stacy said...

Jan Lyn, this is such a lovely, poignant post! The sense of the bittersweetness of change, even though the changes themselves are good and wholesome ones...
Your saltwater pool sounds *fabulous*--I didn't know they existed. How wonderful to be able to enjoy swimming again! Good for you. :D
Solitude. Yes, that is a hard one, being able to stay on the blessing side of it rather than slipping into isolation on the other end. The moments when God shows the blessings, though, are so incredibly beautiful; I'm afraid I'm not always good at remembering them when things veer the other way, but that is not God's fault... :)

Heather said...

You can swim again! Oh, how fabulous :)) I know you will have made the most of that :)

Jan Lyn said...

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, Stacy, salt water pools are now available in small sizes for families. Ours is a temporary one, meaning we must take it down yearly, but it is chemicals and lower cost as well.

Heather: So good to see you here! I loved receiving your update as well...thank you dear one. Umm....I am not exactly swimming too much. More like walking gently around in the water a bit, but it sure feels good. :) You are a dear to always celebrate these things with me......

Blessings to you both,
Jan Lyn