Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Photos

Here are some photos of how we spent the last week of our summer vacation at home...lots of good old free activity within our own area. I ended up having some Pre-Class assignments to do and needed to rest, but got in on some of the action. We visited an art museum in the area and took the girls to the Safari Park at Great Adventure-no rides, mind you. (What parents!) We were also blessed with complimentary tickets to a 5 stage outdoor concert not too far away with many Christian musicians. Amongst my favorite and most talented in my opinion, was Phil Keaggy. I did the math and realized my first concert seeing him was 32 years ago, so fair to say, I am getting old while he seems to simply be getting more adorable. We ended our week with a spontaneous bonfire. Hubby just hauled huge slate rocks in a circle and dug our own fire pit in the yard. Probably just another one of those situations where we were in need of another 'permit' this summer.......God provided much grace for me to do a few things that I normally would not always be able to participate in. As our girls would say 'Way Cool."

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Renee said...

Oh, what a fun time you had...wonderful! Glad you felt well enough to do it all..