Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just from my Spiritual Journal....

As a dreamer, at my window
just in time to see
a gust of autumn
spray it's brilliance,
to reveal hidden corners
and brush off dusty dreams.

A singular leaf floats down.

That is when You breeze by
and I remember to choose joy-
to keep the door of my heart on a crack
and the key upon the shelf again.
I open the clouds like curtains,
as Your Love shines through.


Stacy said...

Jan Lyn, this is so lovely! I love the image of God's Spirit breezing by, and the reminder that joy is a choice. God's gifts are good, but being open to them is up to us. It's funny—I was just thinking about sudden, playful breezes this week. You put those thoughts into words so beautifully!

Renee said...

Beautiful picture and poem...good to have your post pop up in my alerts ......Sending gentle hugs and prayers your way...

Jessica said...

Hello :)... This is a beautiful post. I'm praying for you. I wish I knew what Chronice (spelling) disease was..But I don't... I have a deformed heart and a couple other things.. I just want you to know that you aren't on this earth by chance...God put you here for a reason...No one here is by chance... Best wishes to you ~Jess

Jan Lyn said...

Thanks Stacey and Renee. Isn't it just like God to throw his artwork around... smile...

Jessica, see once again, you are wise beyond your years! :) Yes! God puts us all here for a reason-for his purposes and to glorify him. Your identity in Christ is: UNIQUE AND LOVED. (Repeat that at least 3 times a day, okay?) Thank you for your message. I am glad that our paths have crossed this week. I'd like very much to be friends despite our age differences and hope you will too. I am holding you in my prayers and will 'talk more' but for now, know that whatever illnesses we have, we are still whole in God and we are much more than our illnesses. :) Life will be worth living...I promise you.
Jan Lyn
PS-I don't know if this Frost rabbit is really going to have babies or not! We will know soon and it is the wrong time of year...there could be so many due to the breed. OH NO....ha!