Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nature Center Day

When we are able to get out of the house, amongst our favorite places to go seem to be our local preserves. We are fortunate to have two preserves close to our home. One is known as The Watershed and the other is actually a NativePlant/Wildflower Nature Preserve. Both are doing a fabulous job of respecting and maintaining the environment for future generations and also educating so many children and families in the process.

The girls had a great time and returned home to enter some of their favorite findings in their nature journals for the year. I plan on joining them in this journaling as well this year as soon as I get myself a bit more organized and purchase a set of Prismacolors that I have been desiring. My current set of special pencils have become way too short. Here are some indoor photos to view.

Interesting nature items to touch and feel

It was a surprise to find this bee colony

The turtle...a true friend!

Lots of critters to admire and inspire

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