Monday, September 22, 2008

The Peace Fair

We attended a local community's Quaker Peace Fair this weekend and found it quite enjoyable. It was simply to promote harmony in the home, the community, the environment and the world...which is not so simple a task! I could easily see it took a huge amount of planning and coordinating to pull such a large fair together.

They did a fabulous job reaching out to the community with tours of the Meetinghouse, workshops, peace exhibits, an art show and live music amongst other various activities for children and items for sale. My children were thrilled to find that they could purchase an "armful" of used books for only one dollar and I must say that their armfuls were big ones, so I too was grateful!

As usual, even though not feeling well, I made it to where I intended to after hitting the major events and that was through the woods and down along the water. My reward was getting to see three captivating swans whom must have thought we had food for them, as they put on quite a show for us. I've shared this photo as we all decided that the swans were quite in keeping with the intent of peace, as their wings seemed to display what could be viewed as a heart shape and they were such serene beings.


Heather said...

What a beautiful photograph! i love swans, even though they can be bad-tempered ;)

And I'm delighted you got to the book stall!

love Heather xxx

Farrah said...

What a beautiful bird!! It would be so neat to go to an event like that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Funny what you find.
The Moose

Jan Lyn said...

Dear Anonymous,

I also find a hollowed out heart shape in my one tree in my yard. If one looks for hearts and peace, one may find them in all sorts of surprising places.