Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reflections on First Day

Sometimes I relish the simple best and I often like to hear ministry of the very young or from those older than myself particularly. Today in Meeting an elderly women shared her experience of a neighbor inquiring what it meant to "hold something in the Light." For her, she means that she will think about that person, their difficulty and keep them in prayer. She went on to say that she feels so often people have two types of prayers, the "please, please" prayer and the "thank you" prayer. Then she bluntly told us that there ought to be another more prevalent prayer in which one just asks for acceptance of a situation or problem that's been given and the ability to be faithful to the measure of strength given as necessary to endure it. After all my years of hearing sermons on formulas and methods of prayer, reading on many different forms I really thought to myself, that uncomplicated statement held a whole lot of common sense.

Another older man spoke in which I did not feel his main ministry was directly for me, however within it he touched me deeply on another level when speaking on the heavy burden on the country right now with the economy, the impending outcome of the election, various tragedies that may befall us and the looming panic some are experiencing currently. In the wisdom of his years, he briefly conveyed his feeling that tragedies can be opportunities and this is a great time in history to live. That part of his message was hopeful and I shed a tear as it humbled me that I could quietly disagree with part of his message, but feel so blessed to be imparted with the sweetness of the remainder of it. I delight in when the Spirit speaks to me through various means that I would not normally expect.

On the way out of Meeting, our daughters had bags full of leaves and acorns to show us from their nature walk. One of them excitedly reached for a leaf out of her bag and handed it to me as she believed it to be heart shaped. As usual, that heart shape spoke to me and brought me a smile, so did her enthusiasm and her heart decorated socks she purposely planned to wear this day. It really is the simple message sometimes that soothes amidst the start of a brand new week.


Heather said...

Isn't it great when ministry just speaks to you like that? Glad you had a good and profitable time.

Jan Lyn said...

Thanks Heather....

Yes, and kind of a minor miracle in itself that we ever make it there, but ever so thankful when I do!