Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For the Birds


Farrah said...

Hi Jan!! How are you doing? I am finally getting caught up on blogging after a busy couple of weeks.

That looks fun! I think it's neat how much you do with nature in your schooling. We are seriously lacking in that area. We are all indoor types, and it's even worse with illness!

Jan Lyn said...

Hi Farrah! So good to "see" you! I am still totally impressed by your wedding photo in your blog AND the fact that hubby makes comments. We are blessed to have good guys in our illness, I believe.

I'm an outdoor person that is really grounded this winter. I haven't been able to take walks or anything much lately, but my daughters get outdoors daily as we have so many animals and I make it part of their hs day really. Your son could actually do this project easy and then go hang it by string near a window so that you could watch the birds from a special chair perhaps. We take short drives sometimes when I get the urge to see more nature and that helps too.

Take Care!!!