Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Photos

I planned on participating in "Wordless Wednesdays" with photos every once in a while, but it seems that I have difficulty with the "wordless" part! It is breeding time here for some of our rabbits and the deed has been done. These are some photos from this past summer so you can see why I love my bunnies and am quite particular about our Jersey Wooly breed. They are a gentle and sweet rabbit almost like having cats. I'm hoping we are successful this time and if so, will post more photos to show the kits after they are born as well as their development.


Heather said...

Oh, they're adorable!

Looking forward to baby bunny pictures :))

Renee said...

THey are absolutely beautiful!

naturalmom said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Jan. You can certainly link to it. I look forward to getting familiar with yours too!

Stephanie from "Speaking Life"

Jan Lyn said...

Thanks, oh I sure hope to get a litter and have the photos. If not, I can post a photo of the last bunch so you can see how tiny and cute they are.

Your blog is great, Stephanie. I've been meaning to post a list of Q homeschoolers so I'll have to get around to that soon. Much appreciated!

Farrah said...

Forgive me, but these pics remind me SO much of Easter! The rabbit, wood, and carrot! Spring, spring! My heart panteth for thee, thoe thou art a long way off! :-)

I do know what Easter is really about. :-)

Jan Lyn said...

Hi Farrah!

You know, hopefully these bunnies will come in time for Easter, but deary, it is springtime in my heart right now......I can practically feel it as that's how I am making it through winter. :)