Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sure Signs of Spring

I admit it. I am not quite ready to return to blogging yet, but when I look here to get to friends blogs that are linked with more ease, I'm finding the snowy photos all wrong as there are sure signs of spring all around me. Here are some I thought I would share in the mean time. I wish peace and blessings of the season to all of you-here is my first white trillium.

Each day in a new and living way the brooding Spirit of God teaches us. As we begin to follow these nudgings of the Spirit, we are changed from the inside out.~Richard Foster

Lord, do your spring cleaning in me from the inside out...Amen.


Ganeida said...

Your girls are so sweet & the trillium is lovely. No signs of spring here but we are having an unseasonably warm autumn & is is very pleasant in the garden just now.

Crystal said...

So pretty!!! I am so loving spring here in Texas. I have got to get some photos taken of my boys for my sites. I found an article fox news had on spring cleaning the body.'s on my wholelifeliving page.

naturalmom said...

Sorry to be so late to this! The trillium are blooming here too -- about a month after yours! So lovely. To think they were endangered when I was a kid; now they are easy to find and I'm so glad.

One of my favorite signs of spring is the birthing of new foals at the University horse farm located near us. Late in the winter, you can tell the pregnant mares with their sides stretching wide. Then one day, you drive by and there in a front pen is a mother and baby. Then a couple of days later, another pair. By late in the spring, there are a number of foals running around on their long skinny legs and having fun. I just love it!


Jan Lyn said...

TY all for stopping in. Great to 'see' you here Crystal! Stephanie, my daughters would go crazy over seeing those new foals. They live and breath horses here. :)

Have a wonderful spring,
Jan Lyn