Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Photos

Prairie skirts have been the thing for us girls here this spring. I have the need to wear all cotton clothing. We sent to have them made by Katie's Mercantile, which is very reasonably priced. Katie will even send fabric swatches in the mail if you ask her and they are fun to look at. I miss being able to cross-stitch, so I gave sewing a try after 20 some years and made another one for myself by tracing the first one for a pattern. I was pleasantly surprised I could focus well enough with my eyes, but I have to say I enjoy ordering them much better! Lots of room in them to climb trees still, but we still wear our jeans at home and about also.


Renee said...

I also wear cotton only...once in awhile tencel blend. I try to wear long jumpers or knit. No jeans for me due to neuropathy...but your skirts look fun! I used to sew alot and would like to get back to it once this bad relapase moves on....I will be responding to your email soon. Have had you all in prayer.

Ganeida said...

Katie's stuff is lovely. Pity none of us wear dresses. You all look so pretty. Very lovely. Have missed you but understand how it is.

Jan Lyn said...

Thanks Renee and Ganeida. I truly hope you will feel better and sew again soon, Renee. So good to 'see' you Ganeida and yes, Katies stuff is really very good quality! The price of fabrics alone here makes it worth it to buy through her unless we hit a real good sale.