Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quaker Quotes

"A Friends' meeting, however silent, is at the very lowest a witness that worship is something other and deeper than words, and that it is to the unseen and eternal things that we desire to give the first place in our lives.  And when the meeting, whether silent or not, is awake, and looking upwards, there is much more in it than this.  In the united stillness....there is a power known only by experience, and mysterious even when the most familiar."      ~Caroline E. Stephen, 1908


Ganeida said...

Oooh! I love this quote! And so true. Do you have any more like this?

Jan Lyn said...

Your enthusiasm for quotes makes me smile broadly here today. I just love your blog and how your quotes are so well chosen!

This quote was from the Tract Assoc. of Friends calendar. They are great for old quotes. Catherine Whitmire's books are also full of quotes, both old and new. I love the older quotes, especially. Some times I wonder why God didn't place me in a much older era of time....and also why we humans don't develop a third set of teeth when we seem to need

Blessings Ganeida. I hope this means all are well at your house now! :)

naturalmom said...

Ah yes, from this month's calendar! I thought I recognized it from somewhere. :o) I love the calendar. And I second Catherine Whitmire's books -- inspiring!

Jan Lyn said...

Yes, Stephanie. You know I really just love that old traditional Quaker calendar and still order one every year. Glad to see I'm not the only one!