Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do the Next Thing

Some times I fail to know what to do; what step I should take next and what purpose life now holds. In the past years, I’ve tried on various roles like some people try on clothing. At times I make mistakes and need to yield to where God is leading me more. I am not a perfect girl. It’s a serious topic for discussion actually, but today I’m not delving in deep. In fact, I’ve gone rather quiet about talking over such matters. But actually, I do attempt to seek what God intends for each day and I try to listen.

So, I listen and in the mean time wonder what do I do when I’ve failed 2 adoptions, been diagnosed with autoimmune disease, and lost my career? What do I do when I have to put a horse down, put money on another horse and it suddenly goes blind, and then next be told I may go blind some day?!? I know, I know–it all sounds like a bad riddle!

The answer is I don’t know. Not only do I not know, but I don’t intend on sitting here any more thinking about it all so much. That didn’t work as it was upsetting, selfish, dull, dangerous and just not much fun to be around. It’s time to recall God’s faithfulness in the past and once again time to try to do the next thing. So I have–we have–this past weekend, brought home two new miniature horses. Please meet Starlight and Moonshine, our new 3 year old geldings. The "next thing" is I am going to learn how to cart and my husband and daughter are going to teach me. After that, I’m not quite certain, but I think I’m on the edge, to the brink, of making more peace within while not always knowing what is next in just living each day. Not every day, but most days. Perhaps another way will open for more serious endeavors or maybe my path is being made plain and clear to become more still and faithful than I’ve been in the past. At any rate, it took no time at all to love these minis, as it was love at first sight. I got my boys.....


Renee said...

I love the pictures of your new mini horses. They are fun to see!
I enjoy seeing all your animals and hearing about them...we would love to live in the country, but cannot, so I enjoy hearing about others who do!
Also, you are inspiring with all that you have on your plate and how you cope with it. What do we do? We keep on keeping on, don't we! And you are so right, we focus on God's faithfulness!
Have a blessed Easter!

Heather said...

The new horses are such sweeties!

I'm so glad you're starting to find peace. It's so hard when we have so much to deal with, and you are always in my prayers.

Ganeida said...

Ooooh, your *boys* are gorgeous!

As for the other, it is all any of us do, just some of us don't acknowledge it. As on old preacher friend of mine so succintly puts it, 'Life is a fatal disease.' Finding joy amidst the sorrow is the best we can do & we know in whom we will find our joy.

Peter Lawless said...

Love the pictures especially the one of the cart driven by the quiet one as it looks like the load it is bearing may upend it leaving the horse paddling the air - or would the load be offended by that (yes I have counted the wheels). For some reason it reminds me of the work of Heath-Robinson who drew interesting but totally impossible machines etc.
Love to all

Jan Lyn said...

Thanks to all and I wish that I could meet you all in real time and take you for a ride. I'd provide a pillow to sit on! :)

Love and Peace to All,
Jan Lyn