Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They're Back!

Approaching the pond, it is silent. This soundless reflection reminds me of how I’d like my spirit to be...stilled, quiet, a reflection of my Father. I don’t know why the thrill is so strong, every year the same thing since beginning to home school eight years ago as I always loved nature. I transform into a child in my mind or perhaps it is that there is still a part of me that is and will always be childlike. It is also in the blessing of being able to join in the sharing, the hearing together of those first trills in the throat of a frog with children who are also so eager and care free. I want a front row seat. I can’t get any closer to the edge, without flirting with falling in. It’s another thing I don’t want to miss so along with the girls, so I enter in. Slowly, silently and cautiously we wade out into the pond. We hear them, the peepers now. I’ve always believed there is a lot to learn in the middle of a pond with one’s head out of a text book.

Some times I only hear life when I still. I function best when life is simple and I remove the clutter. To me, that is really all about simplifying anything that gets between me and God. Often it is busyness, my computer and possessions, relationships that are complicated, but most often it is the clutter of myself. It’s in my own mind. I’m learning and relearning this as it is the hardest part for me just to be quiet, cease talking and running the show in order to listen closer. God is ever-patient to teach me time and time again, this relentless old girl. All the motioning, spinning, talking way too much for my own good, for my own way and my own beliefs even. The peepers, they are back and a good reminder, a great gift. Still me Lord.

*technically this is a frog amongst the duck weed, not exactly a true peeper, but those peepers are amazingly small, fast and difficult to get a photo of! More around the pond photos to follow.


Ganeida said...

Oh Jan Lyn this really spoke to me! Stillness, silence ~ so hard to achieve but better than riches when it is achieved. God draws so near! God bless, friend. May you have a joyous day!

Dave said...

Frog and Toad are friends!