Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Blog Award?

I was given this blog award by Ganeida over at Ganeida's Knot's for writing with serenity and simplicity and the dear thinks I have a "lovely" style. Many thanks to her, though I'm not so sure as I just talk really, but I guess it describes my blog header photo! LOL..... To those of you that do not know Ganeida, she is from Australia and is a Quaker homeschooler who writes much more frequently than I am able and has a wonderful wit about her. Many a day her pieces just bubble up with joy, honesty and make me laugh aloud. To honor her, I will go ahead and share 7 things about myself here:

*1. I was a very quiet child who disliked school. I think it all may have started when I couldn't find a seat on the crowded bus, was told to close my eyes at nap time (never!) and when the art teacher told me my pumpkin had to be made over again as it was not round. Didn't make sense to me as we grew pumpkins and most were oval and some were odd shaped and I loved my pumpkin. Mrs. White, however did not love my pumpkin. Funny thing is I loved going to University and I never wanted to stop. Started talking a lot there too. I mourned the day I was done and still do. I want to go back and can't. That's life.

*2. My first memory is purposefully tipping over my highchair in the kitchen during family dinner. I recall being bored, not being hungry and wanting to get down on the floor so that I could spin in circles. Not sure what that says about me....!I still recall the color and pattern of that old linoleum floor. This falling chair act became a habit, so I confirmed and so did climbing furniture.

*3. I apparently see all sorts of things in nature other people do not. No, I do not hallucinate that I know of, but have at other times due to sleep deprivation. I often see hearts in leaves, tree trunks and in swans. I love to mingle with God in nature. Yes, I love hearts and I think I am in love with love. However, I keep this quote on my refrigerator that does describe me quite often though most people would not know it as I am peaceful and typically quiet: "I had a lover's quarrel with the world," by Robert Frost.

*4. I am probably the least competitive person I know. The suggestion of playing a game at a party makes me blush red. I don't want anyone to feel bad if I were to win either.

*5. I am allergic to animals but I have 9 pets. I can't help myself as I like to bring things home. On top of that I have a love affair with naming them. Our number of pets increased dramatically when we were no longer able to bring any more children home. I have an enormous list of left over names of boys and girls and so I like to name animals using them. Problem is, my family members usually do not agree with my names. This happened to me when naming babies as well.

*6. I prefer male companions. I think it all began in my mid to late teens when I got a job at a local mental hospital as a waitress. There may or may not be a correlation there. ROTFL.
Males are not catty, most are not as complex within relationships, and very fun. So sorry ladies, I truly do like you and feel so blessed to get to know my readers! When my brother gave me away at my wedding he told me I should stop various male friendships. I was a bit stunned. I've been told to work on deepening my female friendships and so I am attempting. It's hard some times.

*7. I wear 5 earrings. My husband is not thrilled with this fact, but still apparently loves me after soon to be 24 years! The fifth one is fairly recent and it took him a number of days to observe this happening. My daughter's had great fun waiting for that to occur. Neither of my daughter's have pierced ears. I keep offering to take them to have it done and they say no. The youngest has gone as far as saying that if God wanted her ears pierced, he would have had her born with holes already in them. I can't figure where these ideas come from as she does not get them here!
What I really want to do, is get a tiny little flower tattoo on my .....................ankle, yes really. But there again, hubby does not like them and it would not be good for my reactive skin problems so I'm not getting one, but I tell him it is out of respect to him. (Wry grin....) And it partially is.

In turn, I am to honor 7 people. This is a problem honestly, as most blogs I read I KNOW the writers would not want to do this. I had fun, but am opting out of awarding 7 and will just award 3 who I think will enjoy it. Here goes:

*Jennifer at Tree of Life Homeschool for her hand's on children's projects and unique homeschooling method with a heart for including Friend's ways into her day.

*Heather at Still Life for a really good Quaker read that is to the point, fresh and honest. She writes poetry I so enjoy as well.

*Jessica at Trivium Academy for sharing the most advice, schedules, book lists and helps to the general homeschool community through several years. She is a women of great courage and strength and I admire her especially now.

That's it and it gave me a topic to write on! Ok, you all are next.


Ganeida said...

Oh, Jan Lyn, I loved Uni too & desperately want to go back! NOT going to happen any time soon. Funny because I loathed school. At Uni they at least talked about interesting things. ☺

Liddy & I joke about how much better we get on with blokes. With us it's partly having so many brothers. Liddy was 6 before Ditz came along so sisters are new in our experience. We do *not* like the catty thing girls do.

Thank you for doing this. It was fun to learn more about you.

Heather said...

Thank you!! That was such a lovely thing to do :) I shall have to think up some of the stuff people don't know about me now ;)

Jennifer Marchman said...

Thanks so much! That's very sweet of you. I'll be thinking...

Jennifer Marchman said...

I put my things on my other blog:
Thanks again!

Jan Lyn said...

You are all welcome. It's fun to learn more about each other!

Ganeida, what is so funny about life is really I had to be "told" I was getting older. In fact, the last baby I had I never considered myself to be an older mom and always had the attitude one could return to university at any age! I daydream about it! I can't due to my illnesses now and really it is my children's turn, but if I could there are so many things I still want to "be" when I grow up! LOL..oh maybe if I hit a remission I'll be so old I could edit classes at university for free! There must be some sort of discount plan! :)

Ganeida said...

I have another one for you. There's been a rash of these things lately. lol☺

Persuaded said...

i came a'visitin' from ganeida's place where i heard all sorts of wonderful things about you. it appears that they all were true;)

my 18yo daughter has often said- only *partly* in jest- "girls are evil" .. i thought of that as i was reading your comment #6:-D

have a wonderfully blessed day

Jan Lyn said...

Thank you Ganeida, though I feel a bit undeserving with 2 in a row. I cannot turn down a heart though, as I said, I love to see hearts!

Thanks so much for visiting Persuaded! It is nice to "meet" you here.