Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Photo

Empty me
pour me out
simplify my life
that there may be
more room to fill
with more of you.


Ganeida said...

That is a gorgeous photo! I was just starting to wonder if you were doing o.k (((hugs)))

Simplicity was one of the draws to Quakerism for me. I'm still struggling to get my life to a point of simplicity where it satisfies me but as it is a process, not an end in itself, I try not to get impatient. The desire not to

Heather said...

Simple and true :)

Renee said...

This is beautiful. I love simplicity too, and Joel and I have been trying to simplify our lives in the past year.
I would like to read a book about the quaker faith or a web site...and I am wondering what you would recommend?

Ganeida said...

Oooh can I? Can I?

Simplicity, or The Spiritual Disciplines by Richard Foster ~ he goes into more than just an outward show of simplicity to an attitude of mind in the context of self, family, community & the wider world. Very good.

Jan Lyn might know something else but that one convicts me at the core every time.

Ganeida said...

I'm back. Award for you on my blog when you feel up to collecting it.

Jan Lyn said...

Yes, I like all the Foster books and if you want to read specifically on Simplicity, that is a great one, Ganeida is right. If you are interested in Q history, A Living Faith by Wilmer Cooper is good. I'm also quite partial to Thomas Kelly's books-A Testament of Devotion/The Eternal Promise. If you want a short, easy read Encounter with Silence by John Punshon is good. Of course, these are all kind of slanted toward more Christian Friends so we've been a bit lop sided here! :)

I was initially attracted to the Simplicity testimony as well and have great interest in melding the branches of Q's in unity. So nice of you to wonder if I was OK--just been busy with helping 2 cyberboards and not as much time for the screen with my eyes.

Thank you for this award Ganeida, but you must explain it to me as I am really blog illiterate! I will take a read over at your place and perhaps understand what to do ?!?!?

Such sweet ladies you all are!
Jan Lyn

Jan Lyn said...

I got it Ganeida! Takes me some time with a bit of brain do so some time soon and thanks again!

Ganeida said...

Sorry. Time shift. I never saw this till I got up this morning. Some of the books you mentioned I don't know so I hope Amazon or L'Abri carry them.