Friday, July 17, 2009

Blue Sky and Green Leaves

"In solitude we voluntarily abstain from our normal patterns of activity and interaction with people for a time in order to discover that our strength and well-being comes from God alone." Richard Foster
I’ve walked along the winding creek and spread out the old pink and blue round -the- world patterned quilt again. It’s my latest trick on days I am well enough to gather a bit of solitude, as the girls are literally immersed in the water catching newts and minnows in their nets. I have come to claim my quiet time with a notebook and Richard Foster’s book Seeking the Kingdom.

A quick review of my "to-do" list, a few scribbles and scratches later, I pick up the book. It’s a good read for me, with it’s short excerpts, considering my eye pain currently.

But the trickling and the bubbling sound spoke to me about as clear as God would I imagine, or perhaps did, that my seeking the kingdom is here, right now and that it is alright to just take in the moment, to put my book down and just be. I’m attempting to rest more than my date book demands of me. Some days I am a complete failure at this slower pace and letting go just to experience, but I am trying with the advice of a good friend. Today was a success and it feels pleasant. I lay back, drop my books and look up at the blue sky through the canopy of green leaves. I am not alone.


Ganeida said...

Love the pic, Jan Lyn, & I am so wanting some warmer weather so I can get outside without freezing & get a good dose of peace & quiet & serenity of soul.

Heather said...

What a wonderful setting! Keep up the good work ;)

Renee said...

What a beautiful canapy overhead!
Solitude in nature sounds so lovely.
I find even being sick is a full time job let alone having a family to care for. Quiet times of reflection or just "being" not "doing" are very healing. Wishing you many more!

Jan Lyn said...

Thanks. I renew outdoors and in very *open* Being outdoors is what I remember best from childhood. It was my playground, my safe place. The girls adore it there....almost like the creek is my babysitter for them! hahaha....

Wishing you all renewal and peace.
Jan Lyn