Monday, July 20, 2009

Twenty Four Years Ago Today

Twenty Four Years Ago Today
It’s July twentieth again.
God provides.
It’s our anniversary and God gifts us with another year.
He does what we cannot do ourselves.

Who would have known all the years would hold.
It was with overwhelming joy and a few growing pains to widen our
love circle, but I look around this old kitchen table and feel these walls talk.
I know how blessed I am with three children and this man,
who time and time again, turns me eighteen with a single smile.

I never imagined what it would be like to be married this long.
I never really knew how it could work.
It’s not as if one is given a manual of instructions.
Yet along the way, you realize it is about the ability to grow
individually, yet together, to share and to ride the bumps and
persevere and maybe most of all, to be open to fall
head over heels in love again and again and again.
It’s about holding hands through the years and living the dance.

God gives.
We circle arms around and pull us into one.
This music, this man, these children and hope
dance me out of bed
every morning
I’d say it again.

"I do."



Renee said...

Congrats and God's blessings for many more years together. Your post is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

Gentle hugs and warm wishes

Heather said...

Oh, happy anniversary to both of you! I love your poem, especially 'this man,
who time and time again, turns me eighteen with a single smile.' :D

Dave said...

blush! Thanks my love.

Jan Lyn said...

Thank you girls....I still feel 18 in my head, Heather. Just not in body. Feel about 101 there The combination of the two is problematic at times! :)

Jan Lyn said...

Hey Dave....well you started it in Face Book! (blushing back!)

Lots of Love Always,

naturalmom said...

Lovely. And congratulations!